Styled system prop names
margin, m, marginTop, mt, marginBottom, mb, marginLeft, ml, marginRight, mr, padding, p, paddingTop, pt, paddingBottom, pb, paddingLeft, pl, paddingRight, pr, width, fontSize, color, backgroundColor, bg, fontFamily, textAlign, lineHeight, fontWeight, fontStyle, letterSpacing, display, maxWidth, minWidth, height, maxHeight, minHeight, verticalAlign, alignItems, justifyContent, flexWrap, flexDirection, flex, alignContent, justifyItems, justifySelf, alignSelf, order, flexBasis, gridGap, gridRowGap, gridColumnGap, gridColumn, gridRow, gridArea, gridAutoFlow, gridAutoRows, gridAutoColumns, gridTemplateRows, gridTemplateColumns, gridTemplateAreas, background, backgroundImage, backgroundSize, backgroundPosition, backgroundRepeat, border, borderTop, borderRight, borderBottom, borderLeft, borderWidth, borderStyle, borderColor, borderRadius, boxShadow, opacity, overflow, position, zIndex, top, right, bottom, left, textStyle, colors, variant. (reference table)

The Box is an element, which can be modified by yourself as you need. It is like a "div" on steroids.

I am a box.